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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

396 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Meditation
This ancient Solfeggio frequency of 396 Hz helps you to get rid of the influences of fear and guilt, sending your mind and body positive energy that also helps to build confidence and peace. It also leaves your body feeling rejuvenated and energized.

And, I've imbued this audio with additional energy healing for your best self!

It's super powerful and extremely relaxing to listen to.

This audio is the 3rd in the series of 9 solfeggio audios in total, so grab this one today and stay tuned for the rest.
Value = $47

From : Your Host - Carolyn Hansen

The Power Of Passion - How To Find And Fuel Your Dreams
I'm often asked what drives high-achievers. The answer is simple – PASSION!

Why is passion such a powerful motivator? Almost nothing great has ever been achieved without passion.

Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body and soul into something as is possible.

• Passion makes work fun
• Passion gives you the drive to go on
• Passion pushes you to learn more
• Passion is infectious for others
• Passion is the beginning of success.

In this FREE eBook you'll uncover the Secret to instantly Get What You Want in Any Area of Your Life TODAY!
Value = $37

From : Geoff Wilkins

3 Amazing Mind Sync Downloads
Download #1 - Psychic Amplifier:
Develop psychic skills quickly and safely. Established psychics and clairvoyants can improve their abilities.

Download #2 - Material Manifestation:
Can be used to facilitate material gain. Examples would be increased wealth, more property, better job, etc.

Download #3- Chi Generator:
The chosen frequencies will ;instantly increase your energy, create a measurable increase in alertness. massively improve your ability to concentrate & increase personal power.
Value = $70

From : The Science Of Imagery Team

Are You Still Trying To Achieve Deeper Self Discovery To Make Lasting & Powerful Life Changes?
I've got great news! This meditation is exactly what you've been looking for!

Sit back, relax, enter with an open mind and go on a journey of self discovery with this FREE Guided Meditation.

Yes You CAN Start Living Your Life Deliberately Today.
Value = $47

From : Hubert Koh

Guided Wealth Meditation
Do you want to become wealthier and richer in 2017? If your answer is a resounding yes, then this gift is perfect for you.

This guided wealth meditation is made by 67 Golden Rules just for you. Enjoy the soothing harmonics to create your abundance mindset and attract the wealth that you always desire.

Remember that becoming wealthy starts from the mind, and therefore using this wealth guided meditation wisely. Things happen twice, first in the mind, then in reality!

Download your guided meditation right now!
Value = $18

From : Healthy Soul Meditation

MP3 Downloads: Boost Your Confidence, Eliminate Anxiety, Depression And Stress
You will receive Free Instant Access to our 5 X 10 Minutes Guided Meditations cater for a variety of issues:

- Anxiety
- Low Confidence
- Depression
- Forgiveness
- Stress

Simply click on the player and listen as much as you wish.

Value = $97

From : Clint McNeil

The Road To Progress: Tips To Prosperity & Manifesting Your Dreams
How To Follow Through On Your Desires and Get Things Done!

* How to find out what you really want and follow your passion
* Planning - How to break down your goal into manageable chunks
* Effectiveness: How to work towards those goals properly
* How to overcome challenges on your path & boost your confidence
* How to make yourself accountable & be your best self
* How to create a schedule for your work & enjoy life to the fullest
...and much, much more! (42 pages)
Value = $47

From : Liam Warrillow

The Solution Switch
34 Short Pages You Can Read In Less Than An Hour That Can Change Your Life Forever...

"Discover how a simple breathing exercise found in a long lost dusty textbook, combined with a modern day psychological 'hack', can rewire your brain with the confidence, success and emotional control you deserve…"
Value = $47

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