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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Avoid These 7 Triggers For Brain Inflammation - They Shrink Your Grey Matter
You won't notice your brain getting smaller as the years go by, any more than you'll notice the effects of (hidden) brain inflammation.

Not until decades later when the damage is done.

If you are 40+ years of age it's likely already happening and you're misinterpreting the signs as "symptoms of normal aging". They're not!

So if you are banking on using your brain at least 20 more years you need my Free guide. You'll discover:

* How to spot the signs of brain inflammation

* Whether you may be courting abrupt neurological meltdown (it's the cognitive threat no one is talking about)

* Why caring for a mentally incompetent loved one may put your own mental health on the line

* 7 triggers for brain inflammation (all of them avoidable)
Value = $67

From : Karl Moore

Hypnosis Booster Mp3!
What do you Most want to work on today?

Brain Power. Law of Attraction. Wealth. Weight Loss. Confidence.

Choose the one you want and we'll send you a Free Hypnosis Mp3 - and provide you with a Live training session.

Never Seen Before!

Original value: $19.95!
Value = $20

From : World Of Alternatives

Root Chakra Activation
Get the amazing new Root Chakra Activation Download

1. When this chakra is activated it will enhance your self preservation and your ability to survive in any difficult circumstances

2. It is very important to activate and balance this chakra before balancing any of the others

3. It is essential to activate and balance this chakra for grounding and to maintain a feeling of safety and security

Grab Your Free Gift To Activate Your Root Chakra Today.
Value = $47

From : Nicholas Nic

Christ Consciousness
Understanding Oneness

"Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Your Spirituality!"

“Christ Consciousness is the term for the state of being in which the soul is transformed and awakened to the Highest Consciousness, which is a human being may achieve on Earth. ”
Value = $97

From : Perfect Path

Yin Yang Guided Meditation!
This guided meditation will help you to combine yin and yang energy
within yourself and:

* Tap into vitality.
* Tap into healing.
* Tap into peace of mind.

Give yourself some rest, relaxation and much needed inner peace today!

* Be warned - this meditation will put you to sleep so don't use it unless you want to be completely relaxed :-)
Value = $57

From : Karim Hajee

E-Book To Reduce Stress And Be Happy
Get My 10 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress, Sleep Better and be Happy - Free E-book

You'll discover simple techniques to:

*Reduce anxiety
*Have more energy
*Reduce stress
*Be more focused
*Get better sleep
*Reduce feelings of depression

And so much more... Get This E-book - Free Today
Value = $47

From : Ewen Clooney

How To Make Friends With Anyone, Anywhere
I’m sure you have heard of “Your Network is Your Net Worth”

Do you think that having the skill to make people like you instantly, even when you both first met is an awesome “Super Power”?

This 33-page Handbook To Win Friends & Influence People called "How To Make Friends With Anyone, Anywhere" is a Must Read!

Worth $67…
But Free for you!

Inside this book, you will discover...

1) How To Make Friends Quickly And Easily.
2) What To Do To Be Welcome Anywhere
3) How To Win People To Your Way Of Thinking.
4) How To Become A Better Speaker, A More Entertaining Conversationalist.

...and so much more!

Download Your Free PDF Now!
Value = $167

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